Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cartoons for SICK Magazine

I was working at Al Hutt Studios in the late 1960's and also was taking a printmaking course at my former art school, the Society of Arts and Crafts. Sarkis Sarkisian, my painting instructor was now head of the school and asked if I'd be willing to teach and be the head of the Advertising Department. The idea intrigued me and I accepted his offer. I taught full time and the schedule only conflicted once in four years with my ad work. Most of the advertising assignments came in late in the day.
One of my students was the very talented cartoonist Bob Taylor. You'll remember Bob as B. K. Taylor, creator of The Appletons and Timberland Tales from National Lampoon magazine. Well, one day Bob came in to class and told me that he had submitted a cover to Sick magazine and they bought it. Joe Simon, who with Jack Kirby had created Captain America, was the editor of Sick. When I was a kid an artist friend of mine, Herb Schiebold and I went to New York and visited Simon and Kirby, they were our heros. Herb and I always wanted to become comic book artists.
Below is one of Bob's Sick covers, it's the March 1967 issue.

BKTaylor Sick Cov
I decided to submit some ideas to Sick and we both began doing a lot of art for the magazine. I worked under the name " The Professor". During this period I also sold a few ideas, not art, to Mad magazine.

Sick Cig Ad 12-67

Sick BkCov3-68

Cig Ad 11-67

LBJ cutout
It was a fun period in my career as I finally realized my dream of becoming a comic book artist. Above is President Lyndon Johnson. This was in the middle of the Vietnam war.

Calender 2-67
More Sick art on the next post.


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