Monday, February 2, 2009

From layout sketch to finished art

Here is an assignment that I received from one of my New York reps, Randy Mulvey of Neeley Mulvey Associates. It was thirty-five years ago and I still remember it as a pretty tough assignment with three major illustrations and the usual short deadline. Not sure of the client but it was a sweepstakes brochure.


This is the art director's sketch that was faxed to me. He asked me to compose the cover illustration in a horizontal format.


I began to draw compositional sketches which I sent to the art director for approval. He thought that this composition would work just fine so I went ahead with a tight pencil drawing.


Sweep 4

I had a photostat made of my drawing then colored it with markers just to give me an idea of what the finished art might look like.

Sweep 5

I did an additional color sketch and submitted it to the art director. He had extensive changes and wanted an overall color background. Above is how the the final illustration turned out.


Another pencil sketch for an interior illustration as well as the color sketches for the other pieces of interior art.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, my father was Randy Mulvey of Mulvey Associates. I am his youngest child. I was sitting at the computer missing him and remembering very little of our time together, so I googled his name, and your site was one of the links. I would treasure any tid bit, story, just a memory you could share with me. Thank you for your time.
Molly W.