Saturday, January 31, 2009

Storyboard & comp promotions

More example of the promo pieces that I would send to various art directors.

Stybds 5

Bob Fischer represented me in Chicago for many years and these are promo pieces that we sent out or that he delivered in person. These pieces always showed examples of storyboards as well as ad comps.

Stybds 6

Bob still had sample books to show the art directors, but these printed pieces usually were sufficient.

Stybds 7

This one is more of a poster and when hung on the art director's wall others couldn't miss it.

Stybds 8

The important message here is FAST. Ad comps and storyboards always seem to have short, often ridiculous deadlines. It's a real challenging area of the ad biz, if you don't work well under extreme pressure, forget it ! The above illustration was rendered on tracing paper rather than on the regular layout paper, creating some interesting effects.

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