Friday, February 27, 2009

Art and design for Texstar Plastics

Jim Donahue, the Advertising Manager of the Premier Corporation commissioned me to do the design, art and photography for a brochure for one of their companies, Texstar Plastics. I flew down to Grand Prairie, Texas to photograph the company's various operations. Texstar was engaged in manufacturing military aircraft canopy tops and the visors used by astronauts as well as a host of other items. They even made a full size plastic mockup of the Navy VFX aircraft, a fascinating project.

Donahue 11

For the cover of the brochure I did a large abstract painting depicting the vacuum forming process, which they later hung in their offices.

HB TexstarBro
One of the page spreads in the brochure.

Donahue 12

Some of the ink line illustrations done for the brochure.

Donahue 13

Donahue 14A

It was an interesting, fun assignment and they were very pleased with the brochure. One evening the executives invited my wife and me out to dinner, we ended up in the company airplane and headed down to dine in Piedras Negras, Mexico! They entertain in a big way down there.

HB Texstar

A rare occurrence, Texstar even gave me a very nice credit in the brochure, a great client.


Charlie Allen said...

HARRY.....Haven't checked your blog in way too long....and, as usual, you're way too much! My work and career seem so provincial in comparison. I really was a turtle on a rock...doing my thing fairly well....but staying out of the mainstream. Also, envy that natural sense of design you always display. Drawing came more naturally to me...had to battle for better design. Also your adventures and 'perks' are amazing. Clients out here wouldn't provide bus fare across town...heavens forbid a trip! Actually, I used up most of my lust for adventure, and at least 8 1/2 lives, in WWII. Flew a PBY and a crew halfway around the world to the Philippines, ending a year later in the occupation of Japan for four months. Other than domestic trips, Hawaii, and Canada, where we have a daughter....we're pretty much 'stay at homes'. Thanks again for your great blog and artistic adventures!

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for your comments. Yes, I've had a lot of fun and some great perks in my career, I'm very fortunate. I also worked in Paris, France for 6 1/2 years which was almost like a long vacation. Did a lot of traveling and stuff. I'll be posting some art soon from that adventure.

Tris Mast said...


It's great to read about your work for Premier. As you know, my grandfather was Jim Donahue and he was one of your biggest fans. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images.