Friday, February 6, 2009

More travel art

TC 17

I drew a map of Bermuda for the front and rear covers of this Transcontinental brochure.

TC 18

An illustration of the Acapulco Holiday Inn done on scratchboard to create a very strong image for Transcontinental's newspaper ads. Even when used small the illustration reproduces well.

TC 19

Here is the Acapulco Princess Hotel done in the same technique.

TC 20

Another example of a newspaper ad illustration, this time done in brush and pen on illustration board.

TC 26

A pen and brush illustration done for a Hawaiian newspaper ad.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Your renderings are joy to look, however, I have to ask the same question Rich Faber posted in comments not too long ago:

Is there a reason that higher resolution versions of images are protected from viewing on Flickr?


Anonymous said...

Nice, Mr. B-

lol-- Now I find out! I wish I had thought of scratchboard!

I saw these ads and assumed it was all pen and ink, possibly done by an architect... much less work starting from black, bolder too.

Nice. Thanks.