Monday, November 15, 2010

A complex animatic

Here are some frames from a very complex animatic. Animatics usually have moving parts and when filmed, create an illusion of how the final TV commercial will actually appear. I can't remember the ad agency or client, but I did a lot of animatics for Advil, which this commercial most likely was done for. I usually had a week to complete the renderings which were done using markers on layout paper. It was a tough schedule as there normally were many moving parts such as arms and heads turning, everything had to be thought out and planned thoroughly. The backgrounds often were rendered quite large, 18 or 24 inches wide. They also required much tighter renderings than the normal storyboards.

This commercial was about a woman artist that was doing restoration on a mural in a museum, this was the opening frame, a complex scene with many details.



I had to render several individual figures with separate arms do they could be moved during the filming. On the next post I will show more of the frames.

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