Friday, July 1, 2011

Various illustrations

Through the years I have experimented with many different drawing and painting techniques. Below are a few examples from my book ART & ILLUSTRATION TECHNIQUES, published by Watson Guptill publications. The book has been out of print for a number of years but is still available at or any number of used book stores.

This drawing was done using charcoal pencil on bristol board. Charcoal pencils are more difficult to use than regular graphite pencils because they are softer and smudge easily.

This is a drawing done with a brush and India ink on watercolor paper. Drawing with a brush may seem quite difficult for the beginner, but with a little practice it becomes much easier.

Another brush drawing with gray wash tones. The scene is the Omderman market in the Sudan. I drew this from photographs taken while on a trip to the Sudan.

Another ink line and wash sketch of a scene in the village of Onekai in Suriname.

A watercolor sketch of a London scene. I painted this using a photograph of a sunny day in London as reference, but felt that it would be more interesting as a dark, rainy scene. This was painted using watercolors on a rough textured watercolor board.

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