Friday, July 29, 2011

Examples of early cartoons and illustrations

During my long career as an advertising artist I have done many cartoons as well as ink line drawings. Looking back, I'm even surprised at the variety of work that I produced. I enjoy experimenting with various styles of art and this also enabled me to reinvent myself.

A brush ink drawing done for the cover of an invitation for a Society of Arts and Crafts opening.

I don't recall what this was done for, possibly friends Magazine.

Many cartoon illustrations were done for Friends Magazine during my early days as a commercial artist.

I did the illustration for this rear cover ad for Friends Magazine in 1953.

An early ad promoting myself as an idea man and illustrator.


Philip Jean-PIerre said...

I love this post and frankly coming to this site. Its great inspiration. The lines look great and the feeling comes through. With ink I am alsways rigid. I only recently got into inknig my own work and for a time it was stiff and very unfeeling. It fetl more like a chore. After Drawing in Ink and just a look at your stuff I am loosening up and having fun.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Philip,
I'm very pleased that you are enjoying my blog. Ink line drawing can be very difficult, it's good to try to not be too rigid and loosen up, you have the right attitude.