Thursday, July 29, 2010

New painting and not good news

Nude with blue hair
I just finished this painting yesterday, it's part of my new series of abstract figure studies. I also got some bad news yesterday, the Miller Gallery of Cincinnati informed me that my work doesn't quite measure up to their standards and have decided not to represent me, my paintings are being sent back.


Tris Mast said...

Your nudes are wonderful. Love this one.

The Miller Gallery has now given me one more reason to not visit Cincinnati.

Harry Borgman said...

Thanks Tris,
I really am enjoying painting them, I've done 16 of them so far. Too bad about the gallery, it would have been a nice opportunity for more exposure. These paintings are hard edge color and design studies, but I try to soften them through letting some of the underdrawing show through which I feel adds some life to the whole concept. I think that the gallery felt that this distracted from the paintings and to them, they looked unfinished and possibly unprofessional. It seems that the effects that they objected to is exactly what I was striving for in these works.

Ron said...

Harry, I agree with your assessment of the work.

Julie and I have always loved this aspect (the underdrawing) of your paintings. It results in a feeling of unconnected dimensionality giving the work life.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Ron,
Thanks for your comments. It was a big blow to me that the gallery rejected my new work. I would have liked another outlet for my work, it seems rather strange that they were unable to see just what I was doing, but I'm sure another gallery will be interested in showing these new paintings.