Monday, July 5, 2010

Working on a new painting

I'm working on a new painting from my series of abstract nudes based on computer sketches. This is a fun and interesting project that I really enjoy. Above is an early stage where I have painted in some of the background areas.

Adding some of the black figure helps me to determine if my color values are working out.

Here the painting is not quite finished, but coming along nicely. You can see my original computer sketch taped to my drawing board, I don't always follow the design or colors, but use these sketches as a starting point.


Kenneth said...

Maybe I have a lascivious mind, but there looks to me as if there are not one but two abstract nudes there in what is generally described as 'getting jiggy'.
But maybe I misinterpreted the design.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Kenneth,
Nope, there's just one figure in the painting.