Monday, January 19, 2009

1963 Chevrolet announcement ad.

Chevy1963 Ad

In 1962 I was freelancing in Detroit with Jack Mills, Del Nichols and Jim Jackson. This ad was assigned to us by Jim Bernardin, head art director on Chevrolet at Campbell Ewald. Jack Mills rendered the Chevrolet and the Chevy II, either Jim Jackson or Del Nichols drew the figures. I did the the illustration of the Corvair including the figures.

corvair 1963 Page 2

Wow, NO seatbelts !
These close-ups show the details of the illustration more clearly. As I mentioned previously, these illustrations were thoroughly scrutinized by the Chevrolet engineers to make certain the art was correct in every detail. They even would count the air slots on the hood near the windshield ! Artists had to keep the engineers in mind as part of the problem in meeting the tough deadlines. On this illustration I used my wife and children as models. By the way, all those road lines were ruled in with a brush, a tough rendering job as you can imagine.

Chevy 3

We also had to do black and white versions of this art. The art was drawn in ink line from which a film positive was made, which was positioned on illustration board. The color or gray tones were then painted underneath while frequently checking the results by positioning the film positive over the painted areas. It was a complicated process but it resulted in very good reproduction, especially on newspaper stock. Thanks to Dave Newell, Chevrolet historian, for sending me copies of this ad. If you are interested in seeing other old Chevrolet ads, check my LINKS and go to Jim Bernardin's blog, ABOUT OLD CHEVY ADS.

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