Friday, January 9, 2009

Ward's Quarterly: a great showcase

The art budget for Ward's Quarterly was nil, so I did most of the illustrations, some under pseudonyms such as Albert Friday and Manfred Bochum. I felt that the magazine would have a much classier look if interesting illustrations were used rather than photos. This was also a nice showcase for my work as many art directors would be reading the magazine. A few of my illustrator buddies helped me out as well by contributing artwork. These are a few examples of the illustrations that I did.

Wards 5

This was an acrylic painting done on a smooth-surfaced illustration board.

Wards 6

Ink washes and dyes were used on the above piece.

Wards 7

Another acrylic illustration, over opaque paint I added transparent washes to create the overall color effect.

Wards 8

Another acrylic illustration. To create the racing flag design I added transparent gray film cut in squares over the painting.

Wards 9

An illustration for an article on the "car of the future", the 1964 Chrysler powered by a gas turbine engine. I used dyes and inks on illustration board to create this painting.

Wards 10

This illustration is basically an ink line drawing with a wash tone added.

We're having a lot of snow in southwest Michigan, it's a Winter Wonderland. Outside my kitchen window yesterday were some deer eating seeds out of the bird feeder. Before they arrived squirrels and woodchucks were feeding. Lots of birds too. My cats love sitting out on the screened porch where they can watch all the animal action.

Deer 1
Deer 4


Anthony said...

Beautiful stuff! I especially like that Chrysler gas turbine engine illustration - VAVOOM! - that thing is moving! I remember reading about those years ago, about how they gave away several dozen of them to people to try out. I just found an interesting and short article about them (and photo -- looks like your painting) here. Great work as always, Mr. Borgman.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Anthony, Thanks for your kind comments and also for the nice plug you gave me on your blog. I get quit a few hits from your referral. I also enjoy seeing your sketchbook drawings. I did a lot of sketching as well while traveling and will post some of them soon.