Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Strange noises in the night

The other night there we were awakened by loud noises in the other rooms. We checked and it was my cat, Jpeg , running wild, she had a sticky mousetrap stuck to her rear paw. She was running as if she were being chased by something. A few years ago I had Terminex check my lower level and I didn't realize that they had put four sticky mousetraps behind the furnace area. I'm surprised that this hasn't happened before as I have three cats. I removed the rest of the traps so this won't happen again.


The trap had a mouse in it.


After I got the trap off of Jpeg she Crawled in bed and sat there the whole day without moving.


Tris Mast said...

That's hilarious! Jpeg's expression says it all.

Wayne Hiebert said...

Hi Harry ... I have sent you a message via your Flickr page.