Friday, July 6, 2012

Painting away !

NewPtg1 I always begin a new painting by first making a drawing in pencil of the image on the canvas. NewPtg2 Here is the preliminary computer sketch on which I drew squares so I could easily transfer the image onto the canvas. NewPtg3 I begin by painting in some of the color areas. NewPtg4 It's a long process on a canvas this large. 60 x 60", but I must get the canvas covered so I can then evaluate the colors properly as they change as other colors are added. NewPtg5 The canvas is almost covered and I am able to alter certain colors to work better in the composition. The painting has been turned sideways in this photo. I have to rotate the canvas often so it can be worked on more easily. I probably have two or three days before the painting is finished, will post the progress.

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