Monday, July 25, 2011

Charlie Schridde 4/30/1926 - 5/15/2011

I just learned yesterday that artist Charlie Schridde passed away. I worked with Charlie in Detroit for several years, we were associated with a freelance artist group. Charlie was one of the the top illustrators in Detroit at the time. When the illustration business started to falter, Charlie started a new career as a top flight photographer working for many years in the Detroit area. Eventually he moved to California and began painting western rodeo scenes. We have kept in touch over the years, but sad to say, I hadn't spoken to him for several months.

One of Charlie's national magazine ads.

Charlie painted this cover for the 1962 Chevrolet catalog saver.

One of charlie's promotion pieces for his western paintings. That's Charlie in the above left painting.

Charlie was a great friend to have known and worked with.


Dougie Roxburgh said...

Dear Mr Borgman - apologies and please excuse my leaving this in a highly inappropriate place but I couldn't get your email address to send. We are trying to research the WWII exploits of Miss Morley-Brooke Lister/Driver whom I think you may have known from the 1960s. She flew bombing sorties with 14 Sqn RAF in 1942. Is there a good way to relate the story to you if you can add anything to it?

Steve said...

Sad to to see the loss of so great an artist -I believe he was the illustrator for those incredible futuristic Motorola lifestyle ads in the early 60s.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Dougie,
I knew Morley pretty well durong the mid '60's though the mid '70's, she never mentioned any thing about her war experiences. It would be very interesting to see the story if possible, my Email address is harryborgman (at)

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Steve,
I agree with you, it is very sad. Yes he was the artist on those great Motorola ads. If you are interested, he published a book of his western paintings, CHARLIE SCHRIDDE WESTERN IMPRESSIONISM. Google his name in and his website should show up and you can order the book.

patsy said...

I happened accidentally on Dougie Roxborough's July 2011 enquiry about Morley-Brooke Lister. Here's my two cents worth:

Morley was an occasional guest in the home of my grandparents, Charles and Nellie Adams, at the American University in Cairo, during the early 1940's. I remember her vividly, though I was only eight or nine. During 1941 she signed my grandmother's Visitors book as Morley-Brooke Lister, often on the same day as Geoffrey Hoare, then a war correspondent in Cairo, whom she married in 1942. My understanding, at the time, was that Morley was an ambulance driver in the Western Desert. She visited once with a little girl roughly my age, whom I took to be hers, but who may have been Hoare's, or someone else's. The little girl's chief claim to fame (for me) was a blackened fingernail dramatically hinged on a thin strip of cuticle. By 1945, Hoare was living with Clare Hollingworth, whom he married in 1951. Hollingworth, of course, had a pilot's license and did some parachuting, among other feats. And Hoare went on to write a book about the Macleans. Heady times, strong-minded people....


P. Cunningham

Patsy said...

Just came across this in a 1966 letter of my mother's:
"Morley's little girl, whom she almost never saw, was named Leila (we went to the zoo, the four of us, do you remember?)" I don't. More mysteries.

Did anything come of the research?