Friday, February 11, 2011

Animatic frame and more storyboards

I found a couple more items to post. I would often get complicated assignments called animatics. These would consist of large renderings and most would have moving parts. They would be used to create a film that would give the client a better idea of what the TV commercial would look like. I normally had several days to render everything but it still was a pretty tight schedule to meet as the frames had to be thought out very carefully and rendered tighter than normal storyboards.

Here is a typical pencil rough which I would submit to the art director for approval before rendering the frame. The inner rectangle defines the area of the actual scene, but they always wanted me to add more, just in case.

This is the finished rendering which was about 15 x18" in size. this particular frame had no moving parts and shows you how detailed it was. I did not locate any other frames from this assignment, this frame gives you a good idea of what is involved in this type of work. Some animatic assignments can be very complex as you might imagine. They can be very effective when shown on film.


These storyboard frames were part of a series for one of my New York clients. These 5 x 7" frames are rather detailed and rendered tighter than I normally work.

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