Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drawing with pencils

I enjoy experimenting with various art mediums. It gives one a new outlook when moving from one medium to a completely different one. After working with the ink medium for many years I began to work with pencils which eventually became a book titled DRAWING IN PENCIL.

A black and white drawing of MISTY done with a wax pencil, a quick, bold sketch.

A much tigher sketch of Mont St. Michel done in color on a textured paper. There are many interesting papers to utilize for pencil drawings.

This drawing was done using a photograph for reference. It was drawn on a sheet of regular surfaced bristol board. I blended some of the tones using a paper stump dampened with bestine. You can see that very tight renderings can be accomplished with colored pencils.

This drawing of Lucky was also done on a regular surfaced bristol board. Here I used simple, flat washes of color and drew with colored pencil over them.

These drawings are from a book published by Dover which is a reprint of two of my previous books, Drawing in Pencil and Drawing in Ink. It is available at most book stores including Amazon.com.

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Kalinides said...

Still the best book available about ink and pencil!