Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Very tightly rendered storyboard frames

This was a 16 frame assignment for Colombo Yogurt, I don't recall the art director or ad agency, but it was done for one of my New York clients. I had a rep in New York which I worked with for years while living there, Diane Boston has a company called Way Art. She brought in a lot of great assignments for me, including many animatics.
The art director wanted tightly rendered frames with a very soft feel. This probably was another overnight assignment, as most were.



These were all rendered in the 5 x 7" size using markers on layout paper. When finished, I would scan the renderings and E-mail them directly to the art director in New York from my home in Sawyer, Michigan. For reference, I shot photos of my wife Jeanne, she worked as a professional model for years. It's very handy to have a model around the house when you are an illustrator.
I'll show the remaining frames on my next post.

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