Monday, November 8, 2010

More sketches and frames

A few frames that I found including underlay sketches. They were done for one of my New York clients, I don't remember the ad agency, art director of product. These were again all rendered using markers on layout paper and were 5 x 7" in size.


I do believe that there were several more frames, but these are all that could be located in my files.

This may have been a sketch for a magazine ad, again I'm not sure. The size was large, about 8 x 10", so it wasn't part of the storyboard group. That looks like an air conditioner crashing through the background. I'll soon ne running out of storyboard material to post, hoping to find more in my files. I have some very tightly rendered frames for my next few posts and then a very complex animatic. I used to render many animatics, which are frames that have moving parts, which were filmed and better simulated the actual TV commercial. These usually took me a week or ten days to complete, most were very complicated.

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