Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More animatic frames

Here are more frames from the animatic that I showed in the last post. Animatics are quite complicated to produce, but can be very effective when filmed. I received many animatic assignments from my New York clients over the years. There may have been a few more frames in this particular commercial, these are all that I could locate. In fact, I've completely run out of storyboard frames to post but may find more in the future. I'll be posting more illustration work and the paintings I'm presently working on.






j O R d i V a L B u E n A said...

Hi Harry, I read your last post on Storyboard Central, retracing your career, and I was impressed (You've even been living in Paris! Me too). The images are great and I find you very inspiring (After 15 years oin animation I find myself sometimes thinking in quitting. thanks!

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Jordi,
Thanks for your comments and I also enjoyed seeing your fine work on Storyboard Central. It is a great business which used to offer many interesting possibilities for artists, I'm not sure if that situation exists today, however. I suppose that it's up to the individual.