Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teaching a couple of classes soon

I have been asked by the Scarlet Macaw Art Community Center in Sawyer, Michigan (my home town) to teach a couple of classes on acrylic painting and decided to do workshops on landscape and portrait painting this October. Below is the poster that I designed for the project. I used a quick ink sketch of Gloria that I drew about the size you see here.

I taught full time for a few years in Detroit and was the Chairman of the Advertising Department at what is now The College for Creative Studies. During this period, the late 1960's, I was also working full time in the advertising business and only missed one day of school because of work. A lot of my advertising assignments at that time were overnight storyboard work and my school schedule was half days except for Wednesday, which was a full day. It was a very busy time for me, but I enjoyed it. I still keep in touch and see a few of my former students, some of whom have already retired and have gray hair like I do. Where did all those years go ?

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