Monday, September 13, 2010

Comic strip fun

I'm trying to locate more of my advertising work to post, especially my storyboard renderings. In the meantime, I will still show you what I am up to at present and also post a few interesting things from the past. On my other blog,, I'm posting a few of the experimental comic strips that I created when I first started working digitally, here I have just a couple of examples to tempt you to check out what's on the other blog.
Each panel was drawn and inked on illustration board or layout paper, then scanned and colored on the computer. For me, this was a great way to experiment and start learning just what this new medium was all about. I used Photoshop Elements to assemble and color all of these images.

The art above and below are promos for the strip.

BorgmanCA 1

BorgmanCA 1
A blowup to show you more detail. It's a fun way to work, although, at times the computer can drive you nuts. I recommend that all artists try experimenting in this way.

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