Friday, January 29, 2010

More marker ad comps

Here are a few ad comps that were part of a series that I rendered for one of my New York clients. They were all 9 x 11" and done using markers on layout paper.

I did the lettering on the computer and pasted it into my layout.

The same method was used on this rendering.

Another marker rendering and the lettering in this case was painted on with a brush.

I also had to do the lettering in different languages as these ads would also be used in foreign markets.


Tris Mast said...

Nice rendering of ocean water - simple and effective.

Michael said...

Mr. Borgman,

I just found your blog through Storyboards & Comps dot Com.

Thank you so much for posting your amazing work. It's a true inspiration for those trying to break into the business and for art lovers who seek out these often little seen gems.

Harry Borgman said...

Thanks Tris and Michael,
The only reason that I have these renderings is that the assignments were all delivered over the internet enabling me to keep the originals. Before the year 2000 the originals were delivered to the client and there usually was no time to make any copies.