Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marker ad comps

As well as storyboard assignments ad agencies would have me render marker comps for magazine ad campaigns. Often there would be several ads to do and the deadlines could be brutal. Ad comps had to be rendered tighter and larger than the storyboard frames.

Pool 1
This illustration was one of a series of ad comps done for one of my Chicago clients. It was done using markers on layout paper and the background was softened by using an airbrush with Windsor and Newton Designer's Colors.

Cleaning 1

Here is another single page ad comp illustration and below is a double spread version that I also had to render. This was also part of a series of several ads done for a New York ad agency. Often these assignments would come in late Friday with a Monday morning deadline. Both of these illustrations were rendered using markers on high quality layout paper. Some of the highlights and details were added using a brush and paint.

Cleaning 2


Anonymous said...

Very nice pics Harry

Harry Borgman said...

Hi dontbsilly,
Thanks for your comment and for checking out my blog.

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