Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Masks that I have carved

Masks have always intrigued me, so I decided to carve some of my own. They range in size from 13 to15 inches in height and are carved from various woods.

Creating these masks afforded me the opportunity to experiment with design in a totally new medium, wood and carving tools.

The mask on the left is the first mask that I carved and the wood is Douglas Fir.

Sculpture 7
The mask on the left is carved from Mahogany and the other is made of mixed woods glued together. When I finish carving the masks are waxed and polished.

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Charlie Allen said...

HARRY.....Again, my too occasional visit....but again, such a high-voltage hoot and charge that I get from your blogs and your work. Love the fact that we're all different, and approach art in such different ways. But....while you were busy creating great sculpture....I was 'sculpting' a highly mechanical airplane-critter. Maybe for the same reason....three dimensions were a relief from the 2D that we spent most of our time doing. Love your monsters....and the humor constantly on display. Have a daughter who teaches ceramics at a community college. She has her own excellent 'ceramic humor' and proficiency in her work. Also despairs of her dad, who doesn't 'take' to three dimensional art. Enough for now....thanks once again for the inspiring blogs. By the you ever sleep? Doesn't appear so!

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for looking and your comments.
Even when I was working in the commercial arena I always did paintings that were exhibited in galleries and Michigan Artist Shows.
I do sleep, but my cats get me up around 5:30 AM, so I manage to get a lot of work done before noon. Right now I'm working on some new painting for an exhibition, so I still am coping with deadlines.