Monday, September 21, 2009

Bernie Fuchs, a giant in his field

Bernie Fuchs

Bernie Fuchs died on September 17, 2009. He was one of the most influential illustrators of all time. It seems that he started right at the top and just stayed there throughout his long career. I remember in the mid 1950's when Bernie started working at New Center Studios in Detroit, he sure shook up the town. He was a sensation right from the start bringing new concepts and vitality to the illustration field. He was a hard worker and it showed in his illustrations. Bernie Fuchs will no doubt influence painters and illustrators for many years to come.
I found the above illustration in an old 1956 Detroit Art Directors Annual. I thought that it symbolized Bernie's spirit and determination.

A couple of years ago I bought RIDE LIKE THE WIND, a book by Bernie Fuchs. The book is full of great paintings by the master. It's published by The Blue Sky Press an imprint of Scholastic, Inc. I urge you to buy it, you'll enjoy Bernie's fine work.


einbildungskraft said...

Just thought I'd pay a visit, i have come from illustration art and saw your nice comment about Bernie Fuchs. I am not in the arts myself, so, really didn't know the artist until I saw a drawing posted by David not so long ago. A very nice drawing that you have posted as well. I can see that I have something to learn in illustration, for one more about Bernie and his art.
hello.... good bye, Beth

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Beth,
Thanks for checking out my blog. David Apatoff did a comprehensive article on Fuchs in Illustration Magazine. You could check out their website to see if that issue is still available.

DSM said...

Surfing the web and habitually look for entries about Mr. Fuchs; thanks for posting that interesting, powerful sketch. I found the Illustration magazine about BF on Ebay. It's one of my favorite things to absorb right now.

Really liked your masks, too! Thanks for your blog.