Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Art, illustration and design for Tenna-Tech and ARA

Another assignment from the Premier Corporation, this time a company logo, brochure as well as art and photography. Below is the new logo that I designed for Tenna-Tech.
Premier flew me down to central Tennessee in their company airplane to check out and photograph their operation.

Donohue 6

Tenna-Tech is a company that has developed a cut-and-fill coal mining operation. On the brochure cover I used the new logo and a photograph of reclaimed land.

Donohue 7

HB Tenne-T

This is one of the page spreads in the brochure and below are illustrations depicting the strip mining and land reclamation methods employed by Tenna-Tech.

Donohue 8

Donohue 9

A map showing the waterway system Tenna-Tech uses to transport coal by barges.

Donahue 10

Another Premier subsidiary was ARA who manufactured air conditioning equipment. For this ad I did a large acrylic painting which was later hung in their offices. I had a great time doing work for Premier, from designing, illustrating, photography and even painting. Jim Donahue, Premier's advertising manager, was a great guy to work with, he was always open to new ideas and encouraged creative approaches to the assignments. I worked with Jim when I first got started in the business, he was a great mentor and I was very lucky to have known him. He was also a terrific salesman and always brought in exiting assignments when he had his art studio, Allied Artists, in Detroit.


rodge said...

Great stuff Harry. Love the brochure cover for TennaTech with the coal and reforestation set on top of each other, but the piece I'm really admiring is "Cool highways". Very seventies in style, but clever and very cool.
Whatever happens to corporate art I wonder. The really valuable and well known stuff, like the Jasper John's and the Pollocks, get loaned out and receive first class treatment, presentation and care. But the rest?
I've gone to companies that bought my work years ago only to find that there was nobody about who even knew the work existed, never mind where it was. It generally took quite a bit of searching to track the works down.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Rodge,
Thanks for your comments.This work is all from the mid '70's and these clients kept me quite busy. I sure enjoyed some of the traveling that was involved. As far as the corporate art goes, I have no idea if these companies still exist or where the paintings are today.