Friday, March 6, 2009

Art for fun

When I wasn't busy with my commercial assignments I would do paintings or experiment with various mediums. These drawings and paintings were used in my books, DRAWING IN PENCIL and ART AND ILLUSTRATION TECHNIQUES, published by Watson Guptill. Both are long out of print, but can be found in used book stores, check or other sources on the internet.

22-1 Mona

A simple, effective sketching technique, using a black Prismacolor pencil with watercolor washes.

22-2 Kandy

Prismacolor pencils were used for this drawing. It's a Sri Lanka scene which I drew after returning home.The pencil tones were blended using a paper stump dampened with Bestine.

22-3 Besakih, Bali

I used water-soluble colored pencils on 4-ply, medium surfaced bristol draw this Balinese scene. Clear water was washed over the drawing to blend the colors.

22-4 Sukri

This Balinese girl was done with a combination of colored pencils and Designer's Colors. I blended the pencil lines with a Bestine-dampened paper stump.

22-5 Makola mrkt

This is an acrylic painting done on canvas. I often do paintings like this after returning from a trip. I love experimenting by utilizing design patterns in a scene.


Kevie said...

Great stuff- particularly love the design scheme of the Ghana market piece.

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I can see this is art, it's like realistic because it represents the life of someone else I mean the usual activities a woman or man can get during a day.

Anne Moon said...

This Makola Market picture is on the cover of Audrey Thomas's new novel, Local Customs, Dundurn Press, Canada. Very effective.