Friday, December 19, 2008

North American Van Lines Brochure

NA VanLines C0v

An old high school buddy, Bob Witmer, worked with me for years as a rep. We started working together in Detroit at Allied Artists, then at McNamara Brothers, Al Hutt Studios and also during various freelance periods. Bob was handling all the work out of Chicago for Al Hutt when he brought in this assignment for North American Van Lines, it was a brochure filled with illustrations.


At the time I was experimenting with unusual color combinations which was fine with the art director, but I can't quite remember who he was, possibly Berl Catell, not even sure of which ad agency this was done for. For models, I used my wife, Jeanne, and a couple of guys in the studio, Terry Smith, automotive illustrator and Dave Mosora, a former student working there as an apprentice.


This was a very interesting assignment for me and a welcome relief from illustrating automobiles. I was happy to be branching out in other areas of the business.


There were quite a few smaller spot illustrations in the brochure as well. More NAVL illustrations on the next post.

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