Monday, December 15, 2008

More paperback cover illustrations

Paperback 11

Another cover painted for Ace, Again, I don't recall reading the book. At the time I didn't think anything of it, but today I wonder how I got away with that nude gal in the illustration. I would have thought that the art director would have requested that I add at least a few torn remains of clothing on her.

paperback 12

A detail close up shows the the hero is also in the buff.

Paperback 4

This next group are part of a series of Dracula book covers done for Pinnacle Books in 1973.

Paperback 7

That's my wife Jeanne, she was a professional model in Detroit for many years. For the Dracula character on all of these covers, I shot reference photos of my long time friend, illustrator Lou Perkowski. He was perfect for the roll, the filmmakers should have latched on to him.

Paperback 5

For the main character in this illustration I used John Foster as the model, he was the Chairman of the Crafts Department at the school where I was teaching.

Paperback 6

A close up of Louie, could you find a more perfect Dracula ?

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