Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chevrolet required more than just car art

Chevy 9

An interesting 1962 promotional mailer for Chevrolet.

Chevy 4

The mounds of promotional material that was produced for Chevrolet utilized quite a wide variety of art styles and kept a lot of artists busy. The above illustration was done on scratchboard to simulate an old woodcut. Scratchboard has a unique coated surface that you can ink on, then scrape lines into the surface with a knife or special tool. Tom Clarke, the art director, always kept me in mind for such oddball assignments.

Chevy 5

A crosshatch ink line drawing done for a Chevrolet promotion piece.

Chevy 8

Chevy 7

More line art for a Chevy promotional brochure. There were a lot of assignments like this and they were fun to do.

Chevy 6

A close up of one of the drawings, this is about the size of the original which was drawn with a Crowquill pen and a brush on Whatman's hot-pressed illustration board.


Another elephant ! This time a decorative scratchboard illustration done for a Friend's Magazine promotion. Again, Tom Clarke, at Campbell Ewald, was the art director on all of the above pieces.
This type of an assignment was a joy to do and gave me a little relief from the rather tedious job of rendering automobiles, it was a refreshing change. I have always been prone to working in various techniques and styles as I love to experiment.

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