Saturday, February 25, 2012

Painting finished

After a few color changes and some details, NUDE ON THE BEACH is finished. The painting is 38 x 52", acrylics on canvas.


I just have started a new painting, it's actually a larger version of one that I had previously painted, this new work will be 60 x 60" in size, again acrylics on canvas. Over this sketch I have marked a grid in white which will help me to transfer the image onto the canvas.


voz said...

You continue to be an inspiration. Now that you've seen those oversized paintings on "The Good Wife" do you plan on doing everything that big? While I'm joking, I am serious when I say that your work always looks good at any size.
Mike Vosburg

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks a lot for your comments, I just got through looking at your blog. Sad about what's happened to the comic art biz. As you did, at an early age I always wanted to be a comic book artist but was encouraged by my great high school art teacher, Margaret Stein, to get into commercial art and also explore the fine art field. Let's keep in touch.