Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Contest for ARTPRIZE

In Grand Rapids they have a very large yearly art competition called ARTPRIZE. This year the Grand Rapids Press also is holding a competition for a poster which will appear on their front page on the day of the opening. I developed a few ideas and submitted an entry.


ArtPrize 2

ArtPrize 3
I should have read the rules first which said that the entry should not include nudes, so the above creations would not be accepted.

ArtPrize 4

ArtPrize 6
A couple more ideas, incidentally, all these images were created on the computer.

My final entry which included a drawing by DaVinci, which Gloria reminded me was also a nude. We'll see what happens on September 21, the opening date.

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Tris Mast said...


I like them all. Good luck!