Friday, March 4, 2011


Doing marker renderings for comprehensive ads and storyboards is very much like painting watercolors. If an artist is familiar with this medium, marker rendering can be a breeze, except for the brutal deadlines, of course. Often when I take a trip I paint watercolor sketches, below are some examples.

I traveled to Sudan in 1971 and this is a sketch that was done in Khartoum.

A watercolor sketch done in Cairo.

Another sketch painted in Cairo, a scene from the hotel window.

A sketch of my wife, Jeanne.

These paintings were reproduced in my book, Art & Illustration Techniques that was published by Watson Guptill in 1979. It's a book about commercial and fine art painting techniques and is still available on the internet and in used book stores.


Frank Zweegers said...

The sudan sketch is nice, I like the 'detail' in the watercolor :)

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Frank,
Thanks for your comment and also for checking out my blog.