Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More travel sketches

Here are some more watercolor and ink sketches, some done right on the spot.

Here is how my basic line drawings look before I add washes of watercolor. This was done in Cairo and was never finished.

A scene sketched in French Guiana. Often I will just do sketches with gray washes instead of color.

Our hotel in Kyoto. I can't remember why there are two colors used here, my brown pen probably clogged and then I must have finished the sketch with the red pen.

This drawing was done at home using photographs as reference. It was actually done for my book Drawing In Ink, published by Watson Guptill.
These line sketches are very much like the drawings that I do when rendering storyboards which I color using markers.


Vince A said...

I remember all these 4 sketches from your books.

How do you sketch walking people? The person must have already walked past in just 4-5 seconds. Like, how do you fixate on the pose you want to capture?

(Good to know your pen clogs sometimes too :-) :-)

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Vince,
You work fast ! They actually came by at different times. I sketched the figures first, then did the background building. Even though on the spot sketches are usually done rather loose, it would be tough to handle a crowd scene.