Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Outdoor sculpture proposals

As I previously mentioned, I am running out of commercial related art and design projects to post, but I am still searching and may yet come up with more examples.
In the meantime I have been approached by the Harbor Country Public Arts Initiative to submit ideas for possible consideration for installation of a large outdoor sculpture which would be located in our area. It's an interesting project am I am very excited about the possibility of having one of my sculpture conceptions become a reality.
In the past I have submitted sculptural proposals to various competitions throughout the country with out success and I welcome the chance to try again. Below are a couple of brochures that I designed to show a few of my sculpture designs.



As you can see, these would be rather large pieces constructed of metal. I took photos of one of the locations considered and stripped in photos of mock-ups that I built to show how the final sculpture would appear.


This piece is titled "Dancers" and above are some of the marker sketches that I did for the project as well as a photograph of a different view of the mock-up.

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