Friday, June 25, 2010

More sculpture

This brochure shows some of the masks that I have carved out of various woods. These pieces seem to work best when hung in groups of four or more.

Sculpture6 EXT copy
The cover of the brochure.

Sculpture6 I
These masks were great fun to carve. It all started when my home was being built, the contractor saved some pieces of wood from the beams that were in the house thinking that I might make use of them, which I did.

Sculpture6 INT copy

Sculpture6 E copy
The rear cover of the brochure shows some of the other pieces that I've carved out of wood, the sculpture with my cat is a bronze casting.


Charlie Allen said...

HARRY....I haven't squeaked in a looong time! So glad to see those fabulous wooden masks....and your always totally original designs....including the amazing craftsmanship on each one. A treat and thanks so much.

Harry Borgman said...

Thanks for your kind comments Charlie,
Sculpture has always interested me. My wife always thought that I was a much better sculptor than a painter, but who knows. I do exhibit sculpture as well as paintings at the Craig Smith Gallery in Harbert, Michigan. I've also submitted sculpture proposals to sculpture competitions without any success. Presently, the Harbor Country Public Arts Initiative, which exhibits works of art in public places, is considering a couple of my large sculpture proposals right now, we'll see what happens. It would be great to have one of my large metal sculptures produced and on display.