Friday, April 2, 2010

Storyboards for Subaru

When I lived in New York City I used to do a lot of storyboards for Subaru. I don't remember the name of the ad agency, but one day out of the blue, they folded and closed shop, one great client lost ! This also happened to me in Chicago, I did a lot of work for Lois Chicago and one day without warning, they just closed, another great client lost. This is certainly a crazy business. Here are part of a series of 32 storyboard frames for Subaru done over a weekend.

Subaru 1

Subaru 2

Subaru 3

This was a fun series to render and I will show the other boards in the next three posts.


Allen Foster said...

These Subaru boards are some of the best stuff you've shown here Harry.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Allen, Thanks for your comment, I did have a lot of fun doing those frames, the ad agency (the name escapes me now) was great to work with. These renderings were done sometime in the early 1990's.