Sunday, April 25, 2010

Campbell Ewald loses the Chevrolet account !

CE 1

Last Friday I was shocked to learn that Chevrolet was leaving it's agency for 91 years and going to Publicis Worldwide, something I would have never believed would happen. However in this business things do change and can in very dramatic ways as in this case.
I only worked at Campbell Ewald for about four years, but it was a major highlight in my advertising career. At first I was the head Art Director on Chevrolet Sales Promotion, then Art Director on Chevrolet magazine advertising, and finally I was part of a two man group called PLUS ONE with Fenton Ludtke, a writer. We were a team in direct competition with the regular Chevrolet Group, it was a great learning experience and fun. After a year of PLUS ONE I decided to leave the ad agency business to work as an illustrator and graphic designer freelancer.
It is a very sad moment indeed.

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Tris Mast said...

That is shocking news, Harry. Sad to hear it.