Friday, December 11, 2009

Time is the enemy

Here are a few frames, part of a larger group that were done under the stress of an overnight deadline. The deadlines are actually good in a sense, they taught me discipline and how to plunge in and work when I least felt like it. Discipline is something all artists need, especially in the fine art field, no one is going to force you to paint or experiment, this is something that is up to you, artists must be self motivated.

Stybd Sketches213
On this assignment I hardly had time to do sketches, you can see how loosely done these preliminary drawings are.

Old guy 1215
The drawings, as loose as they were, still worked out well as underlays for my final renderings. Most Art Directors will forgive your looseness considering the time limitations, as they appreciate your efforts to have something for them to show their client at an early morning meeting.

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