Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving back to the USA

In 1983, after six years in Paris, my wife and I decided to move back to the States as my tax situation became exorbitant when the Socialists were voted in. We decided to take on the Big Apple.

Above is the card I designed to let my friends know of our move. Pictured is PARADOX, one of the last paintings that I did while in Paris.

This is one of the first paintings that I did in New York. I was still in my black and white mode and continued this series after our move. The painting is titled BROADWAY LOCAL and measures 72 x 60".

This one is titled MANHATTAN and measures 64 x 50".

MIDTOWN is one of the last of the series measuring 72 x 60". I was not able to interest any galleries in exhibiting them. After painting several of these I began my new series which were titled titled NEW LANDSCAPES.

I was recommended to the Allen/Wincor Gallery by several artists and they gave me an exhibition and a few paintings were sold. The painting on the poster was titled ANCIENT SITE.

PROPSAL FOR A LANDSCAPE measured 36 x 36" I produced twenty paintings in this series and will show a few more of them on the next posts.
My wife Jeanne had a job at the New Museum a short distance from our apartment. I was painting a great deal and also was immersed in the commercial art business doing a lot of storyboards as well as some illustration.

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