Friday, October 9, 2009

Another outdoor sculpture proposal

Sometime in the mid '90's I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum to see a Peter Max exhibition that that a lady that was representing my fine art curated. I met some of the museum staff while there and was asked to submit a proposal for a garden area and wall sculpture for the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.

I decided to do masks representing the Muses from Greek mythology, these are on the wall in the sketch above. On a pedestal front of the row of masks are Apollo and Morpheus.

Here is a sketch of how the sculptures would look lit up at night. These renderings are marker sketches done on layout paper very much like the rendering I would do for my advertising clients.

Here are two views of the carvings that I did for Apollo, the god of fine arts and Morpheus, the god of dreams.

Wooden carvings of the wall masks, the final pieces would have been cast in bronze. All of these carvings were done on a small scale.


These abstract dancing figures were another part of my presentation. Above is a marker sketch and below is a small scale metal mock up. Building a small model helps greatly in determining the design of the piece.


It would have been a great project for me, unfortunately it was not accepted.

Just a reminder that Craig is having an opening tomorrow which will feature some of my new paintings as well as new work from some of his other artists. If you are anywhere near Harbert, Michigan this weekend be sure to stop by, his openings are always fun.


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