Friday, June 19, 2009

Yearbook design and art

1945 Yearbook035

As I have mentioned before, I had an excellent art teacher in high school. Margret Stein was originally from New York City and had some commercial art studio experience. She was responsible for producing the high school yearbook and appointed a staff who would handle the writing, photography and artwork and design. I was assigned the job of art director. Above is the cover that I did for the 1945 yearbook. Below is the 1946 cover which I designed and my good friend Herb Schiebold did the artwork.

35-7 Navigator Cov1946

35-8 Navigator Pge

Here is some of the artwork that I drew for the interior pages, these were done with a brush and India ink. Some of the drawings were printed in red as shown.

1946 Yearbook040

1946 Yearbook039

1946 Yearbook041

1946 Yearbook037

1946 Yearbook038
Working on the yearbook with Miss Stein was a great experience for all of us involved. It was a real benefit for me as the Brophy Engraving Company in Detroit hired me to work in their art department. They produced the printing plates for the yearbook and also had an art department. Their artists had all been drafted into the army, World War II was raging. That happened in 1943, every day after school I would go downtown and work at Brophy's.

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