Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Early comic strip work and ink drawings

34-2 Comic Strip 1943
These two frames were part of a comic strip I drew in 1943. I was determined to become a comic strip artist, however my high school art teacher, Margret Stein, steered me into the commercial and fine arts.

34-3 Crosshatch Drwg 1943
An early ink line drawing done with a crowquill pen using the crosshatch technique. Little did I know that I would specialize in this technique for many years as a commercial artist.

34-4 Scratchboard 1943
As I do today, I have always experimented with various techniques, here is an early ink drawing done on scratchboard. This illustration board has a special surface that can be scratched away after inking a drawing.

34-5 Hubert 1944
I did a comic strip for the high school newspaper, here are a couple of examples. I also designed and did the art for the Denby High School yearbook.

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Charlie Allen said...

HEY, HARRY.....Finally doing my monthly checking around....and your fine stuff. Thanks, as always, and love the early art. Amazed you have such good records. Your blogged ads of the correspondence art schools reminded me....I couldn't think of the name. Federal Art Schools....'Draw Me!'. I entered a high school safety poster contest, and won their! The poster was gory. A dead dog in the road, a pool of blood next to him, heading, 'Drive Carefully!' They must have liked it. A very legitimate course with good instruction....a stiff workout for me for most of a year. Thanks again.