Friday, April 24, 2009

More black and white paintings

I lived and worked in Paris from 1977 through 1983. As well as commercial art I did a great deal of painting and exhibited in all of the major French painting salons. In America I always found that the art critics and others in the fine arts looked down on anyone who would dirty their hands doing advertising or commercial art. In France it was the exact opposite, everyone thought it was wonderful that you could be part of both worlds. Hungarian/French artist Victor Vasarely, the master of Op Art, also created commercial work, one of his projects was the famous Renault logo.

15-5 B+W Ptg 5
GOOD OMEN, one of my first black and white paintings.

THE INTERRELATION OF CONTRADICTION was exhibited in an exhibition titled REALITES NOUVELLES 1982.

15-6 B+W Ptg 3

One of my clients in Paris was Lafayette Re, and the CEO Bob Virtue liked my black and white paintings, so we decided to build an ad campaign around them. The company also rented 48 of my paintings to hang in their offices, an unusual occurrence to say the least and great exposure for my paintings.
15-10 Lafayette Re 3

16-1 Lafayette Re 2

16-2 Lafayette Re 4
The ad campaign was strong visually and the company was very pleased. This was a great client for me. The company even had me draw a comic strip which I will show in the next post.

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