Friday, April 3, 2009

The last of the Dracula book illustrations

Here is the final group of Dracula illustrations that were drawn for the book GREAT TALES OF HORROR AND SUSPENSE.

Dracula 11
Some of these were full page illustrations and others, like those below were smaller spot illustrations.

Dracula 12

Dracula 13

Dracula 15

All in all, a great fun assignment to do.

Dracula 14  copy


Anonymous said...

Wey hey, I'm glad I dropped in. I'm still trying to stop smiling.

Mark Lager said...

I’ve just been reminiscing lately about the first horror stories I read as a child. I was trying to find the artist who illustrated the first edition of Edgar Allan Poe tales I ever encountered--I can still see them so vividly (they were such haunting images.) I recollected that the book had a ‘70s vibe and now that I’ve seen these illustrations of Dracula (I haven’t seen these spooky, chilling images since I was a kid--this was the first edition of Dracula I ever read)–I discovered that you were the illustrator of Dracula and Norman Nodel was the illustrator of the Poe tales.

Thank You so much for these vividly atmospheric drawings, Harry.

(By the way, do you know much about Norman Nodel? Is he still around?)