Friday, November 14, 2008

More aircraft drawings

Air 12

An illustration sample I did of a German Messerschmitt ME 109 in the war skies over Spain during their civil war in 1936. When doing this type of work accuracy is very important, I have a fairly extensive aircraft library that is essential for doing my research.

Air 12a

I adapted the illustration for one of my comic book cover parodies by scanning the drawing and adding color and the other elements to it on the computer.
The following drawings are a demonstration from my 1977 "Drawing In Ink" book.

Air 13

When starting an illustration I usually do a few small pencil sketches until I create an interesting, dramatic composition. For these preliminary sketches I usually have picked out specific views of the aircraft from reference books or photos that I happen to have.

Air 14

Once I establish the composition the next step is to do a tight pencil drawing with gray tones which will be used as a guide for the the final ink rendering.

Air 15

I begin the final rendering by first doing an accurate outline drawing on high quality illustration board using a technical pen with a ruler, triangle, French curves and oval guides.

Air 17

I start the inking process by painting in some of the solid black areas. Then I ink in most of the middle values using a crowquill pen, gradually building up the tones. At this stage the illustration is about half finished.

Air 16

To carefully rule in straight lines I use a ruler as a guide. This photo also gives you an idea of the size of the original drawing.

Air 18

This finished illustration was rendered on Whatman hot pressed illustration board, an excellent surface for this type of work.

Air 19jpg

A close up detail of a section of the illustration.

Air 20

Color can be added to black and white ink drawings by first having a film positive made of the art. Then a tracing of the art must be done on illustration board after which the color is added. The film positive must be positioned over your color art so that you can frequently check to see if the color values you are painting are correct. This color version was done for my 1979 book, "Art And Illustration Techniques"

Air 21

The ink line art was used for the cover of my book "Drawing In Ink", published in 1977. If you are interested in this book, used copies are still available at Amazon and other used book dealers. Shown here is the Japanese edition.


Rich Faber said...

Hello Harry,

I've been a fan of your work since I was in Junior High School,roughly 25 years ago. Drawing In Ink was one of the books my art teacher had in the classroom, and I referred to it often. I'm now a professional illustrator (I began my career in comics, actually, so we share that interest!), and a few years ago, I taught a class at Delaware College of Art & Design called Drawing in Ink. A week after I'd created the class, I happened upon a copy of your book in a used book store, and realized I had unintentionally usurped the name for my class! Until that point, I had completely forgotten about the book, and was very pleasantly surprised to find, and then of course, buy that copy of it! Naturally, the book became an informal text book for my class.

Thanks for the years of great work, and the enjoyment it's provided. It must be gratifying to know that your work still inspires artists of all ages!

Rich Faber

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Rich,
Thanks for viewing my blog and also for your comments. I'm pleased to learn that my Drawing In Ink book was used as a text book in your class.
I checked out your website and see that you have a variety of interests in art as I do.
Keep up the good work.

Rich Faber said...

Thank you, Harry. I'm very flattered that you took the time to check out my work. As I said, I've long been an admirer of your work, so that means a lot.

By the way, as an automotive illustrator, as well as a car buff, I'm hoping you'll b talking more about your experiences in working with the auto industry. That's a career path I truly wish I had been able to follow, and would love to hear more stories, and of course, see more of your work!


PS: I don't know if you're aware, but when one of your embedded images is clicked, rather than taking the viewer to a larger version, it links up to a private flickr account that can't seem to be accessed by logging in. Just wanted to make sure you realized that, if it is in error.

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