Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For many years I specialized in line drawings

Even when I was a kid I was always very interested in black and white ink drawings. This probably was the result of my interest in comic book art. It has always amazed me at what interesting work can be done with only a pen and ink.


One of a series of newspaper ads done for Armour Golden Star hams. The crosshatch ink line drawing was done using a crowquill pen and a brush.


An Autolite ad done for BBD&O in Detroit, the art director was Dave Mosora, one of my former students who is still a good friend of mine.


A series of ads done for International Trucks. Here I used a pencil and ink wash for this rather loose rendition of the truck.


An ink line drawing which creates a strong logo for Paul Scott Real Estate.


One of a series of newspaper ads for Kraft Orange juice. While freelancing in Detroit I had an excellent rep in Chicago. He was Bob Witmer a former high school buddy, we also worked together in Detroit art studios. Bob brought in the Kraft and Armour assignments and quite a few other interesting jobs.


This image shows how I create an ink line illustration. The first yellow area shows my initial basic line work. In the second orange area I ink in a couple of solid black areas then begin to add the gray tones. The next step is where I add the darkest tones. A simplistic diagram, but a good method to follow when doing line illustrations.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you sir!!
I look forward to seeing more of your work. You've been an inspiration.