Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Welcome to my art and illustration blog !

I will show you many examples of my illustration work throughout the years, even sketches and preliminary drawings if they are available. My graphic design work may also be of interest to you as the work includes a variety of assignments such as automotive catalogs, logo designs and the design of an automotive magazine.

While working in an art studio I even managed to squeeze in teaching full time at the college level and was head of the Advertising Department at the school. I taught classes in graphic design, illustration and cartooning. One of my first successful ventures was doing a series paintings for Ford Times magazine which actually led to ad agency art directors giving me a lot of illustration assignments. I will post many examples from that era. For the last forty years I have specialized in doing storyboards and animatics, servicing major clients in the US and abroad.

Several years ago I became interested in digital art, it was quite by accident as I really had no intention of buying a computer. I used to ship all of my out of town assignments by package delivery services and one day a package arrived very late and another was actually lost ! My clients were furious and I had to redo a big storyboard project overnight. The agency said that if I wanted more work from them I would have to buy a computer so that I could deliver the finished work over the internet. I complied immediately and everything worked like a charm after that, no more late or lost packages. During some down time I began to experiment with computer art and was astonished at the possibilities that this medium offered, I've been hooked ever since. Ive created many limited edition prints which I exhibit in galleries and museums. Commercially I've done book illustrations and CD album covers which I will share with you. I am a sculptor as well and will display some of my pieces in later posts.

While living and working in Paris I wrote several "How to" books for Watson Guptill Publications and will post a few of the step-by-step demos for line drawings and color illustrations from the books. You'll also see illustrations and storyboard work that I did for French ad agencies. While in Paris, I had the opportunity to exhibit my paintings in all of the French painting salons, some of the paintings even ended up being used in magazine ads. I had a great time in France and even was sent to Madrid, Vienna, Singapore and Jakarta on special assignments. I have traveled extensively and will share some of the watercolors and ink sketches that I did on the spot as well as paintings that I did later in my studio. My most recent series of abstract acrylic paintings and figures studies will also be posted.
Thanks for viewing my blog and I hope that you will be a regular visitor.

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WOW! What great information! I'm sending this to all the "budding" artists I know!