Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some recent design and illustration projects

3-1 New Art

A drawing of downtown Fayetteville, NC done for City Center Gallery and Books and a book cover for a collection of civil war war letters. Both images were first drawn in ink then scanned into the computer where color was added using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0

3-2 Salon drwg

This drawing was done on rice paper using a brush and pen with india ink. I enjoy experimenting with various paper surfaces to see what interesting effects can be created. The drawing was scanned into the computer, then color and the other elements were added.


The final version of the poster which was used in two sizes, 13 x 19" and 8.5 x 11".

3-4 WineLabels

Gloria and I went to a winery in Grand Rapids where she lives, we made our own wine and even bottled it. This was part of a French Club activity and it was a fun experience. Here are some of the labels that I designed for the bottles. For the one label I used Gloria's cats, Blackjack and Schicklefritz who really does have a black heart on his side. For the upper left label I used a painting that I did while living in Paris. The lower two were created by using permission-free old engravings from the Dover book "Antique Playing Card Designs".

3-5 Dancer

Here are two of my latest illustration experiments. On both, I first scanned line drawings into the computer where I then worked out the design and color. The computer is a terrific medium for experimentation as you can do several images of the same subject for evaluation. This would take a great deal of time when using traditional painting mediums.

3-6 Two Women


harald said...

I like them all! Your new work with computer assistance is really excellent.

rodge said...

Great to see you posting.
As an aspiring storyboard artist in the mid 80's, yours was one of the first books I turned to to pick up tips on rendering. Over the last few years, I started colouring on the computer, but I still miss the smell of the pantones and the tactile response of quickly laying in colour on the boards. Don't miss the trimming, layout and mounting of the boards though!
Looking forward to seeing future posts.

Tris Mast said...

Hi Harry!

As usual, your art is not only beautiful, but inspirational. Makes me want to sketch, scan, and Photoshop all day.

I especially love the cat wine label. That tail bleeding off the bottom just keeps pulling my eye back in. (Side note - my sister has two labrador retrievers: Schnickel and Fritz.)

Thanks for adding quality to the blogosphere!